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The amateur radio station on board of the SS Rotterdam

PI4HAL and what started it.

In the fall of 2005 it became clear that the ship SS Rotterdam would return to the city of Rotterdam for good. Making radio connections with friends all over the world, from a ship’s radioroom is a radio amateur’s dream. The attraction of such a station on our frequencies would be big. The potential of installing and testing antennas is huge. No doubt that the radioroom will be seen by a lot of visitors to the ship. This will enable us to promote our hobby to the general public. And of course we can promote the city of Rotterdam from the ship. But how to proceed?

An e-mail to the organisation that was preparing the ‘home voyage’ of the ship was quickly sent. Then: waiting if the idea will also catch on with them. After a while we received a reaction by Klaas Krijnen, asking clarification of the idea. One step lead to another, as things sometimes go. A committee was set up, to organize a museum and a radio shack for radio amateurs. Unfortunately the original radio room was sacrificed in favour of the hotel and restaurant. The ship must make some money!

The museum serves two subjects. The first part is focused onthe interesting and remarkable career of the vessel as an ocean liner and cruise ship. Photographs, specific objects – often donated by individuals – and the original ship’s logs give visitors an idea of the everyday life on an ocean going ship.
The second part is equipped with communication gear of the type that has actually been used on the ship. Of course, morse signals can be heard from the loudspeakers. The telegram desk is remade, and a friendly looking radio officer in tropical uniform and white shoes – standard costume for a HAL officer for a long time – is standing next to it.

The radio shack is now situated in the former computer room behind the wheelhouse. This room housed the communciation equipment, VHF, HF, watchreceiver conforming to the GMDSS system during the latest part of the ship’s active life. The ham radio station is built up next to this console. Many parts of the original equipment is still operational and can and will be used on our amateur radio bands.

Radio amateurs:
Pleun/ PA3CYS, Sjaak/ PA1JVS, Peter/PA3FQH, Erik/PE1NOJ, Piet/ PA1PKR, Bas/ PHØ0BAS, Henk/ PAØHPV, Wim/PA3ABP, Okko/ PH2CV, Wil/PAØWBS,

Non-radio amateurs:
Klaas Krijnen Stichting behoud Stoomschip Rotterdam, Jeroen Bovenschen, GTI, Ap van ‘t Slot , project wederopbouw ss Rotterdam, members Stichting historisch materiaal Radio Holland