The Station, how it came about.

Dismantling equipment and antennas
At the beginning of the project, the working group visited brought to the ship. Her berth was when Wilhelmshaven Northern Germany. It was of course a lot of fun to still have the ship in to be able to view its original condition. We also visited brought to the original radio hut. Most desks and furniture were but all but one of the telex had all the equipment removed. There are attempts are still being made to find out where all this has gone Was. Unfortunately, that didn't work out.
It was just impressive to be able to see the interior. On the bridge of course we have visited the future radio hut. All radios and other communication equipment were still present. Seen the underlying period, we were lucky to be able to to be found. But would it remain so during the planned rigorous renovation?

Returned to the Netherlands in the working group at a number of amateurs the plan developed to the original equipment and antennas of the ship to be dismantled and restored in the Netherlands. The project plan for this was written quickly. The project organisation agreed with the Implementation.
The plan was implemented in December 2006. Before, however, with the disassembly we couldn't resist making some connections on 20 meters. The equipment worked fine. We have included make some connections with some English and Italians. A real pile-up we expected but it didn't work out. Also good because We had to work anyway. In the end, all antennas, radios displays, printers and terminals packed and taken to Rotterdam. The antennas were packed in a special plastic tube. This one is later shipped to Rotterdam by truck. All disassembly work is neatly described and the threads marked to make assembly so easy to make it possible. Because when we would reassemble was unclear.

The equipment has been technically checked and tested. Everything turned out to be fine. Because the antennas had suffered a lot from sea breezes and temperature it was decided to refurbish them all thoroughly. Several amateurs have made themselves very deserving in this area Created.

Here the reports of the build-up of the drive are added.