The committee of the club is consists of the following members:

CHairman: Edward Neef PE1EEF
Secretary: Peter van Baarle PA3FQH
Treasurer: Gerard Timmers PA3AFG
Member: Rob Ackx, PA5V
Member: Vacancy

Planning commission : Bert Trumpie / PC4Y
Maintenance commission : Wil Brinkman / PA0WBS,
Webmaster : Peter van Baarle / PA3FQH

Bank : ING bankaccount number NL11INGB0004210301
for attention of : Vereniging Radiozendamateurs ss Rotterdam
Chamber of Commerce : 24458612

Secretary: Peter van Baarle PA3FQH
Hermannushof 8
3274 CE Heinenoord
e-mail :

Sponsors can contact the secretary.